What’s new in the 3rd edition

Open Source GIS: A GRASS GIS Approach
Markus Neteler, Helena Mitasova
3. Edition 2007, 426 pages
Springer, New York
ISBN-10: 038735767X
ISBN-13: 978-0-387-35767-6
e-ISBN-13: 978-0-387-68574-8
Book Series: The International Series in Engineering and Computer Science: Volume 773

What’s new in the 3rd edition 2007?

Overall changes

  • Book updated to GRASS GIS 6.3 (from July 2007)
  • Many new practical examples
  • All examples rewritten to use new OSGeo Edu book dataset (North Carolina)
  • New figures; in color in electronic book version

Chapter specific changes

Updates compared to the 2nd edition (see also Table of Contents)

Chapter 1-2 (Intro)updated; consolidated
Chapter 3 (Getting started)updated; gis.m and QGIS introduced;
improved learning-GRASS session
Chapter 4 (Data models)consolidated intro to region management and display usage;
geocoding of maps (scanned, CAD) rewritten to new georectifier
Chapter 5 (Raster)Raster applications consistently merged into this chapter
Chapter 6 (Vector)Completely rewritten to GRASS 6 vector;
greatly expanded (see Table of Contents)
Chapter 7 (Visualization)updated; 3D visualization expanded (NVIZ, Paraview)
Chapter 8 (Image processing)consolidated; orthophoto substituted with MODIS time series etc.
Chapter 9 (Programming)updated to GRASS 6; PyWPS notes added
Chapter 10 (Other Open Source tools)updated to current ‘gstat’ and R spatial classes
Appendixequations expanded