Errata 2nd Edition

Open Source GIS: A GRASS GIS Approach
Markus Neteler, Helena Mitasova
2. Edition 2004, 424 pages
ISBN: 1-4020-8064-6
Kluwer Academic Publishers/Springer, Boston, Dordrecht, London
Book Series: The Kluwer international series in Engineering and Computer Science: Volume 773


Book Page(s)ModuleCorrection
p. 47cs2csThe result of reprojecting ‘589980 4928010’ with cs2cs should read:
103d52’7.053″W 44d30’6.247″N 0.000
p. 58r.supportThe use of is no longer needed.
p. import GTOPO30 data, please add the flag -b.
p. 77v.transformDue to an update of the module ‘v.transform’, it now works with binary vector maps (and no longer with ASCII vector maps). Following corrections are necessary:The sentence: “The module ‘v.transform’ will read the GRASS ASCII vector file ‘vmap.lines’ which is stored within the LOCATION in the related MAPSET subdirectory ‘dig_ascii/’.”
should read: “The module ‘v.transform’ will read the GRASS binary vector file ‘vmap.lines’ which has to be generated first.”The command sequence has to be modified to: in=vmap.lines out=vmap.lines
v.transform in=vmap.lines out=vmap_trans point=$HOME/POINTS -r vmap_trans
The sentence: “Finally, the transformed map must be converted to the binary vector format with ‘’ for later usage (same names are allowed) and the topology generated.”
should read: “Finally, the topology should be re-generated for the transformed vector map.”
p. 377Formula (B.51) and (B.52)The divisor should be 6, not 12.